Kim Seon-ho reveals desperate feelings and confesses to fans for the first time after “abortion” scandal

Article: [Exclusive] Kim Seon-ho, the desperate feelings he conveyed on his fan café..  “A day is like a year, my emotions didn’t go down”

Source: SPOTV News

Actor Kim Seon-ho has revealed his feelings for the first time after “abortion” controversy. 

On the 7th, the actor wrote a lengthy post on his fan café and stated, “There were times when my emotions didn’t go down. I’m sorry to have made you go through such a hard time because of my shortcomings. I will cherish your feelings and become an actor who can repay your support.”

He also revealed his desperate feelings and confessed to a painful time after his controversy writing, “It seems summer is already here. Time goes by really fast. I don’t know whether its too late to say this but I was very nervous and worried for this moment. Time stopped and each day felt like a month, a year, and there were times when it was hard to keep up with the time that was suddenly ahead of my heart. I couldn’t feel my emotions. I think it wasn’t just me, you must’ve also had a hard time because of me. I’m sorry for being a lacking person that made you go through such a difficult time. You must have scars in the corner of your hearts that are hard to erase.”

He also conveyed his feelings to fans on his birthday and stated, “Thanks to you, my time is slowly coming back, I want it to flow quickly but not too quickly. I will try to become a better actor and person by deeply cherishing the precious hearts of those who support me in Korea and overseas. I promise to make sure not to make you wait too long.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in controversy last year after his ex-girlfriend alleged that he forced her to get an abortion under false promise of marriage. Afterwards, he left ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ where he was a regular cast member and halted all activities. 

  1. [+612, -80] His ex-gf lied to him while dating men and got caught, broke up, and met again and then 3 weeks later announced she was pregnant. Before she even told Kim Seon-ho she was pregnant, she had looked up abortion clinics and got consultations for an abortion. She got buried after it was revealed she’s the one that asked for the abortion first and looked up clinics. 
  2. [+566, -175] I seriously pity Kim Seon-ho… poor thing. He didn’t deserve the hate. I hope he doesn’t get self-conscious and is able to regain his footing in the entertainment industry. 
  3. [+435, -40] What’s hilarious is best friends exposed herㅋㅋㅋㅋ can you even consider people like that friends? But what’s clear is she’s the one that wanted to have an abortion ㅋㅋㅋthat clinic is well known among womenㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+229, -40] Kim Seon-ho is seriously amazing. Among all talented actors, no one has had so many staff, actors, alumni, extras, etc. all came out in support of him. He even posted something on IG for fans. 
  5. [+169, -35] Kim Seon-ho is the victim.
  6. [+125, -49] Anyone that’s still cursing Kim Seon-ho over this doesn’t have brains ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+117, -17] There’s no reason for him to feel self-conscious. He was just unlucky to have met a b*tch like her that twisted his life into knots. 
  8. [+77, -7] Even her acquaintances directly exposed her.. it’s clear Kim Seon-ho is a good person. 
  9. [+56, -9] The incident happened when Kim Seon-ho was in love with her but after the scandal, I remember seeing so many comments posted for 3 days and more cursing and swearing at him… that’s when I really lost all hope for humanity…
  10. [+55, -16] Who are the ignorant ba$tards still cursing him over this.. do they have any brains??

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